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Job Posted Date: 
April 1, 2019
Full-time Positions
Life Sciences

Key Responsibilities

  • Identify the mechanism of action and conditions that cause NK cells to kill senescent cells or make senescent cells less resistant to killing
  • Design, develop and execute cell-based functional assays to evaluate antibody modulation of the immune response
  • Co-culture primary NK cells and primary fibroblasts to perform and optimize killing assays
  • Collaborate with Judith Campisi’s lab at the Buck Institute
  • Work closely with project teams, external collaborators and CROs to support drug discovery efforts
  • Independently design, plan and run projects, supervise one Research Associate and possibly an intern
  • Document and organize data, generate technical reports, and present findings to project teams and also present data at conferences
  • Ensure seamless execution of work flows by tracking supply orders, making recommendations to improve procedures and protocols, ensuring equipment is in working order, maintaining accurate records of all data and procedures
Job Requirements: 

Technical Skills and Qualifications 

  • The ideal candidate should have a Ph.D. in immunology, oncology, cell biology or related biomedical field
  • Experience with immunofluorescence microscopy and in particular, high content or robotic microscopy is a plus
  • A strong understanding of innate immune system and in particular, NK cells is preferred
  • Experience with in vitro viability / cell death assays
  • Experience with drug discovery research working with therapeutic antibodies is preferred
  • A sophisticated understanding of and expertise in the isolation, characterization, and development of functional assays using human and mouse primary immune cells
  • Experience in basic cellular immunology assays such as cytotoxicity and/or proliferation
  • Experience managing research associates and interns
  • Successful track record of publications, patents and grant applications
  • Excellent presentation skills to give talks at scientific conferences  
How to Apply: 

Interested parties, feel free to write to Toby Freedman, Ph.D. Email is [email protected] I am also looking for a protein engineer with experience expressing, purifying and characterizing antibody therapeutics.

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