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March 30, 2023
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Partnerships for Research in Implementation Science for Equity in Heart and Lung Diseases (PRISE-HL) T32 Program

The PRISE Center was recently awarded a T32 grant from The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). The goal of the Partnerships for Research in Implementation Science for Equity in Heart and Lung Diseases (PRISE-HL) T32 program is to provide support to outstanding post-doctoral scholars with interdisciplinary training in implementation science and health equity approaches to help transform the uptake and delivery of evidence-based interventions for heart and lung diseases in clinical and community settings. Trainees will benefit from a team-based approach to mentoring through a career development committee that includes one faculty member with content expertise in clinical or translational research in heart and lung diseases, one faculty member with methodological expertise in implementation science-based methods, and one faculty member with expertise in health equity research (if not already covered).

We have 5 open positions to start on or before 7/1/2023. One-year training slots are available on a competitive basis to trainees proposing implementation science research in NHLBI priority areas (heart, lung, blood, and sleep disorders), with a focus on health disparities.

    Job Requirements: 


    Award requirements

    • The project must be broadly related to heart, lung, blood, or sleep research
    • This award is for a one-year duration and must be started before July 1, 2023
    • Renewal for a second year of T32 funding may be possible, depending on availability of funding in FY24-25
    • All NIH National Research Service Awards (NRSA) require a payback agreement (Training Payback | Research Training and Career Development ( This impacts individuals differently, but typically payback is required only for the first year of NIH NRSA fellowship support and is usually satisfied by one year of continued research-related activity. Please discuss with us if you have any questions. 
    • The T32 grant provides a stipend based on the NIH experience scale and support for trainee benefits
    • A mentor is required to provide additional support for any “funding gap,” up to the UCSF required salary and benefits levels and guided by current contracts and policies 
    • Up to $1,400 is available per trainee for travel to an academic research conference (cannot be primarily clinical). Additional support provided to cover tuition and fees for a customized curriculum that includes implementation science and health equity-focused graduate-level courses.

    Mentor requirements 

    • The primary mentor should be a UCSF or UC Irvine faculty member with an established training record.
    • The primary mentor is expected to provide a strong training environment and support the trainee’s participation in implementation science- and health equity-related activities.
    • The primary mentor should be able to demonstrate adequate funding to support the trainee and proposed research. See Award requirements for additional details. 
    How to Apply: 


    Application Requirements and Deadlines

    Please let us know if you have any trainees who are interested in filling the spots by providing us with the following documents (trainees looking for one year of additional funding especially welcome):

    • Cover page, with the following information:
      • Name of the applicant
      • Email address and phone number
      • Current NIH postdoctoral training level
      • Current UCSF or UCI postdoctoral level
      • Dates of prior NIH NRSA-supported training
      • Citizenship status
      • Name of primary mentor
      • Mentor’s email address and phone number
      • Requested start date for funding
    • Fellow biosketch or CV
    • One page description of research proposal
    • Biosketch of primary mentor

    Please send documents no later than June 15, 2023, to Leah Murphy, PRISE Center Senior Program Manager ([email protected]). We plan to review applications on a rolling basis and notify applicants before July 1, 2023. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

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