Data Scientist / Bioinformatician

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Job Posted Date: 
July 30, 2020
Full-time Positions
Life Sciences

Tegmine is an early-stage, well-funded, startup that’s going to restore futures lost too soon.  We believe that the high cost of healthcare can be addressed by mixing biology, technology, and machine learning.

We’re seeking a data scientist with a passion for solving complex, open-ended problems.  The scientist will participate in the development of novel algorithms for the identification of therapeutic targets in large-scale biological data sets.  


  • The primary responsibility is to work with our Proteomics Scientists to organize and analyze our mass spectrometry proteomics data sets.
  • Additional responsibilities include: employing machine learning techniques to prioritize therapeutic targets for drug development, assisting laboratory scientists with data analysis, and participating in the development of a deep-learning approach to improve mass spectrometry spectrum annotation. 


  • Experience using Java, JavaScript, Python, R, Scala, or SQL to organize and analyze complex data sets.
  • Workflow management and execution in an GNU/Linux, or MacOS, environment using shell scripts and Docker containers.  Familiarity with Google Compute Engine is a plus.
  • Experience with omics data analysis, specifically DDA or DIA proteomics.
  • Familiarity with biological annotation and ontology resources, such as Ensemble, GO, and UniProt.
  • Experience with deep learning frameworks, such as Keras or PyTorch.  Demonstrated experience in deep learning model development with GANs, LSTMs, and GRUs is a plus.

We offer a comprehensive compensation package, including equity, paid time off, health coverage, and opportunities for professional growth & development.  We promote personal growth and team-building by sponsoring access to the wide variety of artistic & cultural events available in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We love diverse and interesting people.  We’re an equal opportunity employer and our employment decisions are made without regard to age, disability, gender, genetic background, hair, or national origin.  

Job Requirements: 
  • Appreciation of how little we know about the biological world.
  • Ability to clearly  communicate complex ideas with co-workers. 
  • B.S. with 2 years of industrial, or academic, experience and familiarity with basic biological and statistical concepts.
  • M.S., or Ph.D., with experience in bioinformatics, machine learning, or deep learning. 
How to Apply: 

If you're good at what you do and are respectful of your co-workers, please inquire at [email protected]

San Francisco
Greater Bay Area